How One of the Greatest Players Launched A Pro Hockey League

Hilary Knight is a hockey phenom with a record 13 medals and nine Team USA gold medals.

She is the leading goal scorer in all of women’s hockey and is the captain of Boston’s newest professional women’s hockey team. Her work off the ice has helped take women’s hockey to new heights with the creation of the Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL). This is what Knight dreamt of and fought for. Like most women in sport, Knight saw inequalities in resources, visibility, and opportunity when it came to women’s hockey versus men’s. Throughout working with other players, investors, and names as big as Billie Jean King, Knight helped bring the PWHL to life. We sat down with her to learn about the legacy she is leaving for the next generation of young girls with hopes of them falling in love with the sport and pursuing it as a career without boundaries. This is something that didn’t seem obtainable when she picked up her first hockey stick. A reminder to never stop pursuing your dreams.

"I think the most pure, beautiful thing is a young girl that signs up to skate, falls in love with the sport and wants to follow her dreams and then do this as a career path."

— Hilary Knight