Olivia Pichardo Is The First Woman To Play D1 Baseball

For as long as its existed, baseball has been a “boy’s club.” Olivia Pichardo doesn’t care, she’s here to rewrite history.

Like so many other greats, Pichardo has been playing baseball on the street of Queens, NY, since she was five years old.

Pichardo has silenced the critics since day one. She walked on to play at Brown University and is the first woman to play Division I baseball, hit a home run in a collegiate summer league game, and as recently as this summer, hit a grand slam in the Women’s Baseball World Cup Qualifiers.

With enough courage to knock anything out the park, her work with MLB and the Breakthrough Series is ushering in the new generation of talent in the sport. In this Short Film About episode, we go back to where it all began.

“I'm currently known for being the first woman to play Division 1 Baseball in the NCAA.”

— Olivia Pichardo