The story of a teenager that used her gift to change dance culture on the internet as we know it today. The Renegade was a global phenomenon, yet its creator hardly reaped the fruits of her labor. This is the story about the pursuit of redemption, a reshaped Internet and where culture really comes from.

Jalaiah Harmon created one of the most viral dances of all time — the Renegade — at just 14 years old. Every teenager did (and still does) the dance. Lizzo, the Kardashians, and Charli D’Amelio popularized it (or appropriated it). And Harmon performed it on center court at the NBA All Star Game. But who is Jalaiah beyond this dance craze?  

This episodic documentary series follows Jalaiah Harmon and her life after setting the internet ablaze. This effortlessly cool teen takes us on her journey of being a content creator, influencer and becoming a professional dancer while having the most important people in her life by her side: her family and friends — Lanaya Cee, Shanorris Pollack (aka Skootah), and Maddie Rose. All while navigating the perilous waters of adolescence. 

Although Harmon is best known for the Renegade, she doesn’t let that define who she is. She’s more than just an internet sensation, she’s Jalaiah.

“At the end of the day, I really did just want people to give me my credit.”

—Jalaiah Harmon