For every nine pieces of men’s sports merchandise available, women’s sports has one. The merchandise gap is real, but the momentum across women's sports is primed to close it. As part of the larger REP HER initiative, Klarna, TOGETHXR, and Sports Innovation Lab have launched a limited edition collection to raise awareness around gender-based gaps in the availability of women’s sports merchandise.

We tapped designers Sophia Chang and Mellány Sánchez to create merchandise that allows fans to celebrate women’s sports and capture the spirit that this fandom is all about — it's a movement, not a moment.

Click here to learn more about the groundbreaking Klarna x Sports Innovation Lab report, Rep Her: Revealing the Unmet Demand for Women’s Sports Merchandise.

TOGETHXR is proud to support the Women’s Sports Foundation with a donation to help girls and women play, compete, and lead – in sports and beyond – without barriers.


Staying true to her line art illustration style, Sophia Chang’s design captures iconic moments in women’s sports. By representing various aspects—from the court to legendary and IYKYK moments, her design reflects her perception of women’s sports at their finest.

Mellány Sánchez's design offers a fresh take on the vintage sports tee, blending inspiration from both the jewelry and women’s sports industries. Mellány reimagines classic jewelry charms to symbolize monumental and inspirational moments in women’s sports.