Jackie Taylor Is MORE THAN Sean Taylor's Daughter

Jackie Taylor is the definition of a natural. The ferocious middle blocker has been playing volleyball for less than 3 years and is already one of the top players in Florida.

Her mother played collegiate soccer at the University of Miami. Along with her father, Sean Taylor. Taylor was an NFL first round pick (Washington Commanders) and pro bowl safety whose life was cut tragically short after a home invasion and burglary in 2007. Although Jackie was only 18 months old when she lost her father, she has dedicated so much of her life to keeping his athletic legacy alive. In this episode of "More Than A Name" you'll get to meet the sweet and bubbly superstar in the making and see how she is making her father proud both on and off the court.

"I see myself paving my own lane ... I would definitely want to carry his legacy out in a positive way just to keep his name alive."

—Jackie Taylor

"I would say that it's a huge honor to wear number one. I think it's great to just represent the number and keep on going with the name and continue the legacy."

—Jackie Taylor