It's More Than a Meet for Dalilah Muhammad & Valarie Allman


Brooke Baldwin met up with discus champion Valarie Allman and sprints star Dalilah Muhammad before the 2022 NCAA Track & Field Championship at the Historic Hayward Field.

In this conversation, hear Dalilah & Valarie discuss swapping dance choreography for track & field drills, evolving their perspective on success in sports, and how they hope to see coverage for track & field evolve in the future.

"You need to see it for one to believe, so just being that face for somebody else and that next generation behind me. I’ve always wanted to be someone that someone could look up to and not only say, ‘I want to be like her,’ but also ‘I want to be better than her.’"

—Dalilah Muhammad

"Now there is more of an interest in athlete stories. But, it takes more - more people putting themselves out there, more people sharing their journeys, more people wanting to hear these stories, and more people being excited about it all."

—Valarie Allman