Jennie Finch & Amanda Chidester Share Their Champion Mindset


Before fans of the Women’s College World Series filled the stands in Oklahoma City, they met Brooke Baldwin at the Buick Huddle with TOGETHXR to talk to softball legends Jennie Finch and Amanda Chidester.

Find out some of the superstitions they absolutely must follow on gameday, how they developed a healthy mindset on and off the field, and what kind of legacies they hope to leave in the softball world.

"When you truly love what you do and you can give it everything you have out on that field, it pays you in the end."

—Amanda Chidester

"It’s so exciting to see that the younger generations can turn on the TV and see college softball. These girls are impacting lives. Young girls can actually turn on theTV and see themselves playing."

—Jennie Finch