Megan Rapinoe Gets Sentimental About Her Retirement with Longtime Teammates

in partnership w/ OL Reign

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Megan Rapinoe

Lauren "Lu" Barnes

Jess Fishlock

There comes a point where teammates become friends, and friends become family.

Never is this more true than the relationship between Lauren Barnes, Jess Fishlock and Megan Rapinoe:

"Since the NWSL began play, only five players have remained with the same team during the entirety of that span: Christine Sinclair on the Portland Thorns, Tori Huster on the Washington Spirit, and a trio on OL Reign: defender Lauren “Lu” Barnes, midfielder Jess Fishlock and Rapinoe." - The Messenger

Each of them has played with OL Reign since its inaugural season and the inception of the NWSL. Often referred to as the “OL Reign Originals", their 10+ year careers have been marked by laughs, tears, and cheers as they will gladly tell you.

The three OGs sat down for one last supper prepared by Chef Renee Erickson to celebrate the legacy of their longtime friend as she enters retirement, Megan Rapinoe.