Think you’re an expert on the Women's Tournament? Try our quiz to see if you’re the GOAT of tournament trivia! Scroll down to see the answers (but don't cheat!)

Think you’re a expert on the College Basketball Women's Tournament? Try our quiz to see if you’re the GOAT of tournament trivia!


1) Which #16 seed was the only team to beat a #1 seed in the history of the women’s tournament?

Answer: Harvard is the only team to ever beat a #1 seed (Stanford, 1998).

2) In 2013, Louisville became the lowest seed ever to make it to the Championship game. What seed were they?

Answer: Louisville was the #5 seed.

3) What year did the Women’s Tournament begin?

Answer: 1982

4) Which school has won the most women’s tournament championships?

Answer: UConn has won the most, with 11 championships.

5) True or False: A #15 seed has beaten the #2 seed in the first round of the tournament before.

Answer: False, the #15 seeds have never upset the #2 seed in the first round (fun fact, the #14 seeds have never upset the #3 seed either).

6) In 2017, Baylor beat Texas Southern by the largest margin of victory in tournament history. How many points did Baylor beat Texas Southern by?

Answer: Baylor beat Texas Southern by 89 points.

7) Which player has won the most Most Outstanding Player awards in tournament history?

Answer: Breanna Stewart is the only player - male or female - to win four straight Most Outstanding Player awards.

8) In 2023, the LSU versus Iowa championship game became the most-viewed women’s basketball final in history. How many viewers tuned in?

Answer: 12.6M people tuned in to the LSU versus Iowa championship game.

9) Which player set the record for most blocked shots in a game, with 14 rejections?

Answer: Brittney Griner blocked 14 shots against Georgetown.

10) In 1982, Drake guard Lorri Bauman scored the most points in a tournament game — and her record still stands today. How many points did Bauman score?

Answer: Bauman scored 50 points against Maryland.