5 Emerging Women’s Sports to Keep Your Eye On

Can’t get enough of women’s sports? Neither can we. Broaden your women’s sports knowledge and get to know these emerging sports before they take the world by storm.

Flag Football

Flag football is no longer reserved for the playground, as the International Olympic Committee added the sport to the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. Mexican National Team quarterback and World Games gold medalist Diana Flores helped lead the effort to secure this exciting opportunity for female football players to compete. NFL executive Troy Vincent stated that flag football participation for girls under age 17 had risen by nearly 63% since 2019 - and the opportunity to play the sport at the highest level could be a catalyst for even more growth. 🏈


Once considered a game for older people, pickleball has gained significant popularity across all age groups in the last few years. More professional leagues and tours have been established, like Major League Pickleball, PPA Tour, USA Pickleball, and more, that showcase fiery talents like Anna Leigh Waters and Hurricane Tyra Black. Couple that with an abundance of pickleball courts popping up everywhere for casual players - and the sport isn’t slowing down anytime soon. 💪


While dancing has been an art form since the beginning of time, breaking is somewhat new to the organized sports landscape. After gaining popularity at the Youth Olympics in 2018, breaking is coming to the biggest stage for the first time at the 2024 Paris Olympics. B-girls from each participating country will dance in head-to-head battles for the gold — and we can’t wait to see who comes out on top. 🤩


Ever wondered what would happen if soccer and ping pong had a baby? Well, the answer is teqball. Played on a curved, ping-pong-esque table, the goal is to keep the soccer ball from hitting the ground while volleying back and forth. Check out this community spotlight where we highlighted Bella Teq, the first-ever women’s teqball club. 🤯


America’s favorite pastime is obviously not a new sport, but women’s baseball is gaining notoriety, especially with the recent success of the USA Baseball Women’s National team. The squad went undefeated in its group-stage tournament in August 2023 and only gave up two runs in the entire tourney. Pioneers like Kelsie Whitmore (the first woman to play in an MLB partner league) and Olivia Pichardo (the first woman to play for a men’s collegiate baseball team) have also brought new eyes to the sport. We can’t wait to watch USA Baseball WNT dominate at the 2024 Women’s Baseball World Cup. ⚾️