Asjia O’Neal Turned Jermaine O'Neal into a Viral Volleyball Girl Dad

Asjia O'Neal is no stranger to being a part of history.

Her father, 6x NBA All Star Jermaine O'Neal was once the youngest player to ever play in an NBA game. As a back-to-back 2x National Champion, Asjia was drafted No.1 in the inaugural season of the first ever professional volleyball league in America. After learning she may never play volleyball again due to severe heart complications, Asjia tells us her story of triumph and how she hopes to leave a legacy not only for her name but as well as for younger girls to know a world where they can play volleyball professionally in the states.

"My road to recovery definitely shaped how I viewed my thoughts on black women's experiences in healthcare. I think just from a standpoint of how I was raised, my parents always told me I really need to advocate for myself."

—Asjia O’Neal

“I just hope that when people look back at my career, they not only think of me as a talented player, but someone who was [herself] 100% of the time, and no one can take that away from me.”

—Asjia O’Neal